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24 Oct 2016

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The ‘China’s Got Talent – The Dream Experience will be a 45 minute theatrical representation of the worldwide hit TV series held in the Zodiac Theatre, the cruise ship’s 999 seat state-of-the-art venue. An energetic, booming opening montage, complete with the same lighting, set design and theme music as the main China’s Got Talent show, will set the scene.

What’s more? Participate in our live vote* during the show to choose your own winners, and share the excitement as the winners are revealed, which making each show a unique experience.

*Vote is casted through Dream Cruises Onboard App, please download in advance.

The Voyage of a Lover’s Dream
A dreamlike fairytale love story of an Astronaut and a Mermaid, both set in two different elements – from the vastness of outer space to the mystical depths of the ocean. A transcendent dreamy production that portrays a surreal relationship that revolves around love, hope, and dreams. Watch as they overcome all obstacles to meet finally for a happily ever after.

Rhythm Divine
Experience ‘Rhythm Divine’, get lost in the music and feel the heat of passion. With the crème de la crème of ballroom dance champions from Belarus, Italy, Slovenia and Moldova enhanced with the vibrant music of the Love Bugs and incredible vocals of Kayleigh and Chrystal.

Renowned artists and hot idols performing every Saturday night:
Chu Mimi: 17 Dec 2016, 7 Jan 2017

*Concert tickets are limited in quantity and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check concert ticket availability (concert enquiries: +852-2317-7711) and make a ticket reservation before departure.

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Night Club
High energy nightclub and sports bar


  • High energy night club at night.
  • Sports bar during the day with bowling lanes and pool tables.

    Glow Bowl - four-lane bowling alley located within the club.

  • Neon coloured balls are rolled down the lanes at the glowing pins in this onboard UV bowling experience while some of your all time favourite songs are played.

ZOUK Beach Club
Zouk Beach Club - an outdoor beach club with cabana seating, pool and giant LED screen which will host not only clubbing events but also movie nights. During warmer months, BEATSHIP events will take place at Zouk Beach during the weekends. On weeknights, movie nights under the stars are planned. Venues are also available for rental – ideal for hosting private or corporate events. Also includes private deck.


  • Outdoor party/entertainment venue with shallow pool dance floor at night and teenage recreation area by day.
  • It features an impressive LED wall.
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Cinema at Sea

Cinema at Sea


  • Experience the latest 3D blockbuster movies with Dolby hi-fidelity surround sound and a phenomenal LED Wall screen of 11 metres X 5.5 metres.
  • Designed for total cinematic immersion.

Show time takes centre stage at the Lobby where high definition (HD) blockbuster movies are screened during port stays and late nights.

An amazing alfresco experience awaits at the Zouk Beach Club where you can watch top rated films from every genre in high definition (HD). Ideal for late afternoon cocktails, sunset movies and an unforgettable cinematic indulgence of being under the stars while sailing in the middle of the sea.

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Musician & Karaoke

Musician & Karaoke

Come and share the band’s passion for music, from Oldies, Latin and Light Rock to the comforting sounds of Jazz Standards and mesmerizing Pop tempos.

This dynamic duo showcases a mixture of youthful and contemporary Jazz to accompany your cocktail experience in Mixt.

Enjoy the relaxed and sophisticated ambiance provided by the soft rhythm and melodies of this Chinese couple.

Guests get to interact and sing along with this lively tribute band as they celebrate the music of all time favourite singers and bands from South East Asia, with comedy moments.

Experience an evening of style and elegance as our Endless Summer Band showcases a fusion of Mando-Pop and Classical music, featuring a diverse repertoire from the late 80’s to the present day.

As you wander to the Lobby, the chilled out ambiance is complemented by our sophisticated duo, showcasing a variety of sentimental and easy listening music with repertoires designed to both sooth and relax you.

ANNA (singer)
Anna beautifully performs her best renditions of English songs from past decades to modern day hits.

EMMA (singer)
Emma, all the way from Los Angeles sings her favourite choices of upbeat and happy music.

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Dream Cruises makes its guests’ dreams a reality – whether they are dreams of extraordinary vacations, unforgettable discoveries or something more. And where better than out in the open sea, where new horizons unfold and new possibilities are born?

Dream Cruises has designed and curated a remarkable ‘Dreamscapes’ programme of interactive guest activities and experiences presented by a portfolio of world-class speakers, who enthuse and inspire guests with their expertise and passion for their specialist subjects. The programme features epic stories from award-winning travel photographers and iconic explorers of land, sea and space.

Cruising on Genting Dream is not only a luxurious and exciting vacation. Through its ‘Dreamscapes’ enrichment programme, guests of all ages have the opportunity to spark new passions and deepen existing interests, adding a new dimension to their transformational journey at sea.

‘Dreamscapes’ Programme Schedule

A Journey Through Southeast Asia and the Pacific

15 January 2017
Presented by: Juergen Freund

Juergen Freund is a German photojournalist dedicated to telling stories of the natural world of places, faces and wildlife. He is a highly esteemed photographer winning many reputable photographic awards internationally. For 18 months in 2009-2010, Juergen & his wife Stella embarked on a photographic expedition, a magnificent journey throughout the 6 countries of the Coral Triangle to document this globally significant modern-day icon of the natural world. Freund will share the magical journey in his three presentations on ship.

Juergen will be available for one-on-one photography lessons.*

(Available for 5-night itinerary only)

Travel through Time and Space

21 January 2017
Presented by: James Hong

Travel back 50,000 years and soar across the seven continents and five oceans of the world. Top travel writer, blogger and world traveler James Hong presents the amazing ancient civilizations from the migration of mankind from Africa to the Exploration of the North and the South Poles and the Columbian Exchange. Circumnavigate the world with James Hong and be enriched intellectually in literature, history and philosophy with his insightful stories of adventure with an international repertoire of singing and dancing performances.
Catch the live performance only on 21st January 2017.

Dream and Become a Mermaid

22 January 2017
Presented by: Mermaid Kat

Mermaid Kat established in 2012 the first ever Mermaid School in the world. Mermaid Kat was the first person to swim with hammerhead and tiger sharks whilst wearing a mermaid tail. She will share on Genting Dream her story how she turns into a mermaid.

Mermaid Kat will be available for Mermaid class.*

(Available for 5-night itinerary only)

Destiny at Sea: Feng Shui Forecasts

12 February 2017
Presented by: Raymond Lo

Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo will be giving forecasts for the upcoming Year of the Rooster in finance, relationships, career and world affairs. Mr. Lo is one of the most sought-after professional Feng Shui and destiny consultants in the world.

Mr. Lo will also be available for exclusive private Feng Shui readings.*

(Available for 5-night itinerary only)

* Extra costs apply.

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