Dream Cruises’ brand new ship set to dazzle with new entertainment options

Hong Kong, 1 December 2017 –World Dream will become the first and only cruise ship to take part in the city’s revamped “A Symphony of Lights” extravaganza every Friday evening beginning on 1 December – just one of several new entertainment options on offer from Dream Cruises’ newest luxury cruise ship. A multimedia experience recognised as one of the world’s most spectacular light shows, “A Symphony of Lights” will thrill spectators with a myriad of searchlights, lasers, LED screens and lighting working in symphony to put together a nightly spectacle that transforms the Hong Kong skyline into an outdoor audio-visual feast.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system, World Dream will transform her exterior into a 300-meter long, 18-deck electronic canvas to create a luminous display to further enhance the dazzling spectacle every Friday night, adding even more color to Hong Kong’s unforgettable skyline.  

World Dream is also showcasing Asia’s first ever laser and fireworks display at sea - serving as the grand finale to every 5-night cruise experience. This visual spectacular complements the on board fireworks display with the perfect synchronization of live music, dance and 3D laser optical effects powered by the RTI Nano 30, the strongest and most potent lasers to be ever installed on a cruise ship.

Additionally, every Saturday night during World Dream’s 2-night weekend getaway journeys, guests will be treated to an incredible light show with laser beams in over 4 million different shades and neon dance party on the high seas.

For the young and the young at heart, World Dream has also developed the Esc Experience Lab, the largest virtual reality game zone at sea with stunning simulators and interactive games that will immerse guests in adventures set in fantastic new realms:

  • E-Sports Zone: a standalone venue where guests can enjoy up to 10 players at a time competing against each other either alone or in teams.


  • Vesaro racing simulators: the world’s most advanced racing simulator with breathtaking visual and extreme realism featuring the first 55-inch triple curved OLED screens and includes full-size, three-fourth Formula 1 chassis with rear suspension and professional grade pedal and steering wheel


  • XD Dark Ride interactive motion theatre: an 8-seater interactive theatre with an immersive multi-player and stunning real-life 3D movie where guests can take part in action and compete against friends and family for the highest score.


  • Star Wars™ Battle Pod arcade machines: video games pods where players can experience exciting encounters between Rebel Forces and the Empire, reliving some of the most iconic scenes from the Star Wars movie franchise.


  • Finger Coaster rollercoaster simulator: a four-seater, full motion VR experience where guests can design their own roller coaster ride and experience their own creation complete with simulated sound and downhill wind effects.


  • Icaros flying simulators: a unique simulator combining virtual reality and fitness with a gyroscopic design allowing three dimensional movements to create an incredibly immersive adventure in the sky, underwater, on the racetrack or even in space.


  • Virtuix Omni multi-directional motion simulators: VR gaming on a 360-degree omnidirectional treadmill simulator and the first active VR motion platform of its kind, where the player can engage the entire body, moving freely in their favourite game.


  • VR Maze: the ultimate in pathfinding for guests who are fond of exploration and puzzle genres, featuring 24 beautifully designed mazes within different themes from icy lands to blazing deserts.


  • HTC Vive VR headsets: guests play their favorite PC games using headsets with “room scale” technology, allowing them to move in 3D space and use motion-tracked handheld controllers to interact with their environment.

Taking center stage on board is World Dream’s breathtakingly beautiful new signature show “Sonio”, a picturesque production inspired by the dawn of a new dream which transforms the Zodiac Theatre into a wonderland of music and magic, delightful dances and daring acts against the backdrop of a storyboard rich with enthralling 3D visuals.

Other new shows continue Dream Cruises’ creative and innovative approach, including “Some Like It Hot” which blends the elegance of classic ballroom with the passion of Latin ballroom as well as the new version of “China Got Talent: The Dream Edition”, which includes China’s fastest rising acts, some of which have begun to receive world acclaim. New acts feature captivating feather balancing, record-breaking head stairs climbing, nerve-wracking tube balancing and other exciting multi-acts that will keep the crowd amazed and astonished.

Complimenting World Dream’s on board attractions, diverse itineraries featuring new, authentic destination experiences will take guests on tropical and cultural journeys in Asia. Specially designed voyages taking in sun-drenched, popular destinations for the winter feature 6-day/5-night cruises to Manila and Boracay in the Philippines alternating with 6-day/5-night journeys to Ho Chi Minh and Nha Trang in Vietnam. As well, World Dream will be offering Weekend Vacations from Hong Kong for the ultimate stay-cation at sea.

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