Japanese Festival, World Dream

Japanese Festival, World Dream

29th April - 14th June 2018

In celebration of your summer sojourn to Okinawa, World Dream introduces a special Japanese Festival at sea. Guests can enjoy the traditional festive celebration and try different Okinawan and Japanese food onboard. Let’s create an unforgettable experience of Okinawan and Japanese cultural inspired events during your voyages.

Join the first-ever ACG Festival at sea! Dress up as your favourite character and join the cosplay party. Dream Cruises invites the famous cosplay artist and magician, Fay Prince from Taiwan, to perform and join the Festival. Win a special prize in the brand new E-sport zone by participating in the E-sports competition.

Dream Cruises x Nakamura Tokichi Honten

Fall in love with Matcha
The first ever collaboration with Nakamura Tokichi Honten, a Japanese traditional tea brand with over 150 years of history, Dream Cruises will provide a series of Japanese tea culture experience programs on World Dream. Matcha lovers can enjoy the Matcha tea set, which designed by the professional chef team of World Dream, made with Matcha powder from Nakamura Tokichi Honten.

Professional instructors from Nakamura Tokichi Honten will talk about the benefits and history of Japanese tea and Matcha. Guests can learn how to make Matcha in a proper way and how to distinguish different types of Japanese tea during the workshops.

Japanese Tea Culture Experience Program*

Cruise Date: 4th May & 13th May 2018

  • Tea Kabuki
  • Tea Ceremony

*Only applicable on selected cruise departures.



Illustrator from Okinawa – Yukino Ikeshiro (Pokke104)

Cruise Date: 10th June 2018

Dream Cruises invites Yukino Ikeshiro, a leading female illustrator also known as pokke104 in Japan, to conduct workshops on World Dream. She will talk about her arts and demonstrate a live painting onboard. She will also teach the basic techniques of Japanese style drawing during the workshops.

Yukino Ikeshiro has held exhibitions and workshops in different cities, such as Hong Kong, Milan, and Taiwan. Her original works were derived from the nature and culture of her homeland, Okinawa. Located far south of the Japanese mainland, Okinawa boasts unique traditions and habits, which have strongly influenced her original style, which mixes natural motifs with a dreamy touch.

*Only applicable on selected cruise departures.



Japanese Traditional Programs

Japanese festivals are traditional festive occasions. Some traditions have their roots in China centuries ago, but have undergone great changes as they are mixed with local customs. Guest can enjoy the delectable Japanese and Okinawan food and exciting performances onboard.

World Dream also offers different Japanese programs for guests to learn about Japanese culture. Guests can enjoy the arts and crafts workshops to express their imagination and inspiration.


  • Sanshin Experience Session
  • Ikebana: The Art of Flower Arranging
  • “Shodo” Calligraphy Session
  • Japanese Fan Dance Class & Challenges
  • “Konichiwa” – Basic Japanese Greeting
  • One Thousand Origami Cranes
  • Japanese Paper Doll Making
  • Handcrafted Kimono Workshop
  • Kumihimo Braid Workshop
  • Japanese Fan Decoration
  • Mizuhiki Cord Knotting
  • Japanese Carp Making



ACG Festival at Sea

Date: 1st – 15th June 2018

Anime, Comic and Games (ACG) are part of Japanese modern culture, which are popular among teens and young adults in Asia. Come and enjoy this iconic Japanese export.

Anime Cosplay Party
Bring your costumes and become your favourite anime characters. Join the cosplay parade with our entertainment staff in different costumes and have fun in the cosplay party.

Dream Cruises also invites renowned Taiwanese cosplay artist and female magician, Fay Prince, to join the ACG Festival on World Dream. She has been invited to perform in the New Year's Gala of CCTV and HunanTV, and also different variety shows in Taiwan and Japan. Don’t miss out her performances and demonstrations on cosplay make-up.

Anime Music Dance class
Epic OST always recall your memories of the Anime. Follow our entertainment staff and learn the simple dancing steps with your family in a sensational range of Anime music.

E-sports Competitions
World Dream introduces the new E-sports zone for all guests to enjoy the fun of competing with each other in the virtual world. Beat everyone in the competition and win the prize!

Games Highlight

  • Street Fighter V
  • Tekken 7
  • FIFA 18

*Only applicable on selected cruise departures.



How to Wear a Kimono Master Class

Cruise Date: 29th April & 20th May 2018

The Classic Kimono is the epitome of Japanese fashion for centuries and has also evolved into the Yukata for more casual and daily wear. A kimono consists of twelve or more parts, which make wearing them very complicated but once mastered can become a sculptural form of fashion.

Iris Law, owner of Moonnight Kimono is the veteran of traditional kimono dresser in Hong Kong. She was certified in Japan as a professional kimono dresser and instructor. She will do actual demonstrations on how to wear a kimono and how to select the ideal version for weddings or special occasions, casual options to fashionable contemporary versions.



Awamori Tasting Workshops

Cruise Date: 27th May 2018

Awamori has been produced in Okinawa and said to be the origin of Japanese Shochu distilled liquors with a history of 600 years. The ingredients and brewing method are different from other Shochu from mainland Japan. Therefore, it gives its own unique aroma and has a distinctive taste.

Chuko Awamori Distillery, Inc. is Okinawa’s sole successful maker of its own unique Awamori earthenware jars for aged liquor storing, this summer explore what distinguishes Awamori from regular sake, how it is made and its history and tradition. Different types of Awamori will be served to passengers for appreciation.




Tai-chi Academy at Sea

Tai Chi is good for both body and mind. General Institute of Wan Xi-an Tai-chi by Master Yan Su-jie will conduct a series of Tai Chi classes onboard for all 5-night cruises. Learn the basics of Tai Chi from professional instructors of Wang Xian Institute of Researching The Arts of Tai Chi, founded by Grandmaster Wang, who also coached e-Commerce tycoon Jack Ma and curated the “Tai Chi Wellness 8” regime, which was originally customized for the staff of Alibaba Group.
 Master Chan Kwok Wah from Hong Kong Tai Chi Martial Arts Academy will conduct a series of Tai-chi classes for all 2-night cruises.

Come onboard to learn Tai-chi which helps maintain strength, flexibility, and balance, and could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life. Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion”.


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