Destiny at Sea: Discover the Power of your Dreams and Intuition by Dr. Samantha Jayasekera

  • Applicable to: Genting Dream

  • Cruise trips: 3, 6 & 8 November 2019

  • Presented by: Dr. Samantha Jayasekera

London based Dr. Samantha Jayasekera is a gifted reader, healer and scientist. Since the age of 11, Samantha has been able to sense spirit, and is clairaudient (can hear spirit), sensing the passing of her grandmother, who was killed in an accident.

Samantha took up the reading of tarot for fun initially, but was surprised at the large number of people who mentioned how accurate she had been. In 1994 she took up a summer job at the Age of Aquarius bookshop in Hong Kong as a tarot reader. She worked with the tarot until she decided to go back into full time education and do her doctorate in science. She holds several degrees (in science), including a PhD in Microbiology/Biochemistry from the University of London and followed this with a postdoctoral position at University College, London, when she took a break from the tarot, due to the nature of her research. Samantha has felt that her knowledge of science, coupled with her intuitive side has made her a more sensitive reader who is able to connect with people of a large variety of backgrounds. In 2014 Samantha returned to the holistic side again and studied reiki, becoming a reiki master in the Usui School of Reiki.

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