ESC Experience Lab

ESC Experience Lab

World Dream

Dive in to the ESC Experience Lab on World Dream and experience heart-thumping, cutting-edge VR that transports you into worlds and realities you never even knew existed. Feel your stomach drop on the Finger Coaster full motion VR rollercoaster, speed through fantastical underwater worlds with the Icaros simulator and even take it into space with the Star Wars™ Battle Pods. And that’s only the beginning…

Explorer Dream

Experience the thrill of virtual reality paradise with our state of the art VR/AR arcade gaming experience on the high seas. ESC Experience Lab is an immersive gaming experience for friends and families to get together and play a variety of single/multiplayer simulator and arcade games that take from an assortment of guests’ interests.

Explore with Virtual Reality (World Dream) Explore with Virtual Reality (Explorer Dream)

  • Applicable to: World Dream and Explorer Dream

World Dream

Vesaro racing simulators: the world’s most advanced racing simulator with breathtaking visual and extreme realism featuring the first 55-inch triple curved OLED screens and includes full-size, three-fourth Formula 1 chassis with rear suspension and professional grade pedal and steering wheel 
XD Dark Ride interactive motion theatre: World Dream introduces an all-new exciting and thrilling feature Werewolves at our XD Dark Ride interactive motion theatre.
This 3D adventure is set in the ruins of London, where a mysterious poisonous gas has turned all men and women into ferocious werewolves. Guests can take part in this adrenaline-charged ride and compete with friends and family on a mission to hunt down these terrifying creatures that have ravaged the streets, competing with each other for the highest score.
Star Wars™: Battle Pod arcade machines: video games pods where players can experience exciting encounters between Rebel Forces and the Empire, reliving some of the most iconic scenes from the Star Wars movie franchise. 
Finger Coaster rollercoaster simulator: a four-seater, full motion VR experience where guests can design their own roller coaster ride and experience their own creation complete with simulated sound and downhill wind effects. 
Icaros flying simulators: a unique simulator combining virtual reality and fitness with a gyroscopic design allowing three-dimensional movements to create an incredibly immersive adventure in the sky, underwater, on the racetrack or even in space. 
Virtuix Omni multi-directional motion simulators: VR gaming on a 360-degree omnidirectional treadmill simulator and the first active VR motion platform of its kind, where the player can engage the entire body, moving freely in their favourite game. 
• VR Maze: the ultimate in pathfinding for guests who are fond of exploration. Find your way through the stunning ‘Minotaur Maze’ and ‘Virtual Rabbids’. 
HTC Vive VR headsets: guests play their favourite PC games using headsets with “room scale” technology, allowing them to move in 3D space and use motion-tracked handheld controllers to interact with their environment.


* Subject to change without prior notice.

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