Do we have Formal Night/Gala Dinner?

No, however on every 5N cruise we will have a Dream Night and other themed nights may be arranged from time to time.

Can I make request for certain dietary needs (Allergies, gluten free food, Jain, Kosher, Vegetarian, also Indian Vegetarian, etc) Is it complimentary? If otherwise, what would be the cost?

Yes. Additional cost may apply. Guest can contact us to make request.

Can I bring wine/liquor onboard?

Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing any alcohol, alcoholic drinks, intoxicating liquor, or beverages onboard the ship.

We will safeguard any alcoholic beverages brought on board until disembarkation. Alcohol brought onboard will be collected by security at the gangway and guests may collect their bottles at the gangway during disembarkation.

What is the minimum age of a guest allowed to purchase any alcoholic beverage onboard?

Guests must be at least 18 years old to be served wine and beer. 
Dream Cruises reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to any guest that it believes is underage or who does not have the proper identification (a government-issued photo ID).

Does Dream Cruises provide complimentary birthday cake?

Yes, guests with birthday within the cruise (including disembarkation day) are entitled.

What would be the procedure for arranging cocktail party and meetings?

Please contact us to request with Dream Cruises before sailing, or contact ship’s personnel once onboard.

Is there any outlet seating arrangement? (1st/2nd/Free seating)?

It is free seating for inclusive outlets. Reservations are required for specialty outlets. 

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