General Packing Note

General Packing Note

  • For your comfort, guests are advised to travel light. Each person is allowed to bring along up to two pieces of personal luggage onboard.
  • Luggage check-in will be available at the check-in counter. However, open bags, plastic bags and any fragile items in luggage are not encouraged to be checked in. All-important medicine or important documents must not be placed in checked in luggage, as it might take time for your luggage to be delivered to your stateroom.
  • It is advised to check with the airline for baggage policy if you are travelling by air.



  • Any prescription medications (bring extra in case of any delays and a copy of your prescription(s) in case refills are required
  • Hand sanitizer (alcohol based)
  • Hand tissues
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Face Masks
  • Update your insurance details and carry your card or policy information with you in case you fall sick or get involved in an accident. Travel insurance to cover you in emergencies abroad is important; acquaint yourself with the details of your policy to know what exactly it covers.



  • Travelers can wipe down the parts of their luggage that might have been handled by other people, such as baggage handlers, bellhops and airport shuttle drivers.
  • Focusing on any high-touch areas, use disinfecting wipes that contain at least 60 percent alcohol to clean the handle, any hand grips on the side, and the wheels of your checked and/or carry-on luggage
  • For the outside of the bag, you can also use soap and hot water
  • Please be aware that the cleaning products could damage your bag, depending on the material.

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