Summer Dreams, World Dream

Summer Dreams, World Dream

15th June - 31st August 2018

Enjoy a spectacular summer on World Dream! Guests can enhance the parent-child relationship in the special programs designed for parents and kids. Football lovers can watch live broadcasting of the 2018 World Cup and celebrate the football festival in different themed activities, or learn the football skills with freestyle football professionals of Zero5.

Slap on sunblock and enjoy the splashing fun under the sun, guests can join the pool party and different water games on World Dream. Kids can also join the newly designed Little Dreamers Program to open their minds to endless possibilities through a series of inspirational programs.

Parent-Kid Dating

Too busy at work and no time spending with your kids? It is a good opportunity to spare quality time with your child at sea. World Dream offers you different type of programs for both parents and kids to join.

Explore your creativity and complete a drawing with your child in the Summer Art Jam! Have fun in the Sumo Suit Challenge and Camp Fire Party. Compete with each other or other families in the Mini-Golf time or watch a movie and spend lunch or dinner together with your kids. Every participant will be given a program passport to collect stamps in different activities and get a commemorative photo and a certificate after the voyage.

Enhance your relationship with your child and maximize the time you spend with them now since in a blink of an eye they will grow up and these moments become even more precious!

Programs Overview

  • Faber-Castell Summer Art Jamming
  • Sumo Suit Challenge at Seas
  • Mini-Golf time with Mom & Dad
  • Cinema at Seas
  • Camp Fire Party under the Sky
  • Kids set Menu



Little Dreamers Program

All kids aged 2-12 years old sailing on World Dream are welcome to join the new summer edition of the Little Dreamers Program. It includes various fun filled educational workshops and games, which kids can learn and open their mind while having fun.

Meet new friends and enjoy summer fun through group activities and exciting water games at “Sea Palace Adventures”. Learn from our professional chefs to make their own sushi, cupcake or cookies. Wear a different jersey and become a football star to celebrate the World Cup in the “Little Dreamers Dress Up Party”. Kids can train up their physical condition and learn the basic techniques of soccer in the “Freestyle Soccer Challenge”.

Little Dreamers can dress up as a “Junior Dream Maker” and experience the daily work and challenges of a crew staff in different departments on World Dream. All participants can get a commemorative certificate and a special gift upon completing all classes in the graduation ceremony.

Date: 24th June – 31st August 2018
Package Price: HKD$168 (2-night) HKD$258 (5-night)

Programs Overview*

  • Sea Palace Adventure
  • Junior Chef
  • Little Dreamers Dress Up Party – World Cup Celebration
  • Junior Dream Makers
  • Freestyle Soccer Challenge#
  • Graduation Ceremony

*Program is subject to change in different cruises. Seats are limited, offer is subject to availability.
# Only applicable on selected cruise departures



2018 World Cup Fiesta
Date: 14th June – 29th July 2018

Have you ever watched a World Cup match at sea? Dream Cruises will arrange live broadcasting of the 2018 World Cup on World Dream this summer. We will celebrate the World Cup fever on the high seas as we kick-off a great party with the parade of World Cup flags and jerseys followed by a fun celebration packed with amazing performances. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself in a series of World Cup activities on World Dream. Let’s celebrate this quadrennial football festival!


  • Bubble Football
  • Football Pool
  • 5-a-side Football
  • World Cup Face Painting
  • World Cup Dance Craze


Dream Cruises x Zero5
Freestyle Football Fun and Learn
Date: 22nd – 27th July 2018

Dream Cruises invited Zero5, a Hong Kong freestyle football team, for freestyle football performance and interactive workshops on World Dream. The performers will showcase football freestyle skills together with musicality and dance moves. Guests can also learn the fundamentals and tricks of freestyle football, and also Panna skills.

Zero5 is founded by Lyson Sze, Hong Kong’s freestyle champion. Team members of Zeor5 are winners of freestyle football contests in Hong Kong and China.



Summer Splash Pool Party

Get a big dose of fun with the wet outdoor games along with the DJ music and dance. Bond with the family by having the most memorable and fun time with water games on World Dream.

  • Dunk Tank
  • Pitch Burst
  • Water Balloon Tossing
  • Water Gun Tag Splashing
  • Towel Volleyball



Astronaut Camp at Sea
Cruise Date: 12th , 17th ,19th & 24th August 2018

Dr. Leroy Chiao is a former NASA astronaut and International Space Commander who is a veteran of four space missions and has logged 229 days in space –over 36 hours of which were spent in Extra-vehicular Activity or spacewalks.

1. Astronaut Camp with Dr. Leroy Chiao
    a. Tour the Solar System: Families will design a mission patch with Astronaut Leroy Chiao and create their own alien. 
    b. Explore the Universe: Families will create their own galaxies and build a scale model of the solar system.
    c. Discover Mars: Families will plan their mission to Mars and design their own space suit.
    d. Mars Exploration: Families will design and build a Mars lander for red planet exploration

2. Space Talks by Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao
    a. Journey of a Chinese Heritage Astronaut
    b. Exciting Discoveries in Space! What’s It All About and is there Other Life Out There?

3. Autograph and photo session with Dr. Chiao after space presentation

4. Dining Events with Dr. Leroy Chiao (Lunch/Dinner)
    Fee: Please refer to promotional materials onboard



Yoga Academy at Sea – Asana Yoga 101
Cruise Date: 17th & 22nd June 2018
Presented by: Stefanie Ngai, Asana World Champion

Celebrate International Yoga Day on World Dream! Join the global yoga community in heralding the centuries old benefits of yoga. Experience Asana Yoga 101, an introduction made ideal by the 2013 International Yoga Asana Champion Stefanie Ngai. Experience a whole range of poses from various classic yoga approaches. For beginners to advanced yoga enthusiasts.


Yoga Nutrition Talks by Teressa Siu
Cruise Date: 17th June 2018

Teressa Siu is an award-winning broadcast journalist who has been in the journalism industry for over two decades with experience working with CCTV News English International, CNN World Report (I-Cable News), Channel News Asia, Singapore and TVB News. Integrating her skillset as holistic health coach, certified raw food chef and yoga teacher, she produced and reported many reports on the imminent health issues in China. She will share plant based nutrition for boosting memory, anti-aging, bone and brain health through specific yoga poses and integrative nutrition. Get ready for Yogic Foods for High Energy!



Mermaid Academy

Date: 22nd July – 17th August 2018

Mermaid Kat is the world’s leading professional Mermaid who established in 2012 the first ever Mermaid School in the world. The Mermaid Kat Academy has branches in Australia and Germany.

1. Dream & Become a Mermaid
    Talk 1 : A Girl Turns into a Mermaid - The Story of Mermaid Kat
    Talk 2 : Learn how to Move like a Mermaid
    Talk 3 : Learn how to Breathe like a Mermaid
    *Free of Charge

2. Mermaid Demonstrations at the Main Pool

3. Mermaid Workshops (chargeable)

4. Photo Sessions in Mermaid Tails (chargeable)
    Fee: Please refer to promotional materials onboard

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