Dream Night Market

Street-food delicacies of three Asian destinations are at one lively night market aboard World Dream.

From Taiwan we present local specialties from Oyster Vermicelli to finger-licking Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken and peppery Fried Calamari.

For a spicy hot twist of South Korea, try famous street favourites Tteokbokki spicy rice cakes and sushi-style Kimbap rice wraps in seaweed.

And from Hong Kong, street snacks range from exotic skewers to beloved Shumai fish dumplings….plus our special edition ‘Cayang’ eggette waffles.

Enjoy this night market adventure at minimal street-food prices, along with nostalgic fun games like pinball and ring toss.

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Street Culture
Signature Delicacies of Taiwan
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