Daruma Makes Your Wishes Come True

The outdoor Zouk Beach Club turns out to be a pinkish “Daruma Sakura Shrine” with Little Mermaid Wishing Shrine and Little Astronaut Wishing Shrine. Simply make your wishes at the two Shrines. Or hang the wishing tablets written with your wishes in dedication area to make your wishes come true.

You may also find out our “Daruma-rized” mascot Little Mermaid in 10 different colors, which represent different goals of luck: Red for good fortune, White for harmony, and Gold for wealth and prosperity. Choose your preferred one and snap your lucky selfie right away!

  • RED – Luck and Good Fortune
  • TEAL – Dreams Come True
  • SLIVER – Social Status
  • PURPLE – Health and Longevity
  • GREEN – Health and Fitness
  • PINK – Love & Romance
  • BLUE – Education
  • GOLD – Wealth and Prosperity
  • WHITE – Harmony
  • YELLOW – Success

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