Sparkling New Year, World Dream

Sparkling New Year, World Dream

31st December 2017 - 2nd March 2018

Start the new year with a sparkling journey with our brand new World Dream. Create new memories and join our specially designed programmes and activities for the whole family. Also, remember to bring your glittering dress and formal wear for “Dream Night” on every Thursday. What’s more, World Dream offers exciting festive activities for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day that everyone will surely enjoy!

Dream Cruises × ABC Cooking Studio Cooking Competition, You are the Junior Chef! 

The first-ever cooking competition at sea is now on! Dream Cruises × ABC Cooking Studio, a Japanese leading and famous cooking studio, join hands for a cooking competition on board World Dream - “You are the Junior Chef” for kids aged from 4 to 12 years old. There will be exclusive kids’ recipes presented by ABC Cooking Studio, “live” demonstrations with professional chefs, and of course a chance to win fabulous prizes and gifts!  
Founded in 1986, ABC Cooking Studio is the largest cooking studio in Japan. With 125 studios in Japan and 25 studios in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, ABC Cooking Studio hopes to fill the world with smiling faces surrounding the dining table. ABC Cooking Studio offers a wide variety of lessons of Cooking, Cake, Bread, Kids and Wagashi from beginner to master level. We render assistance to those who wants to brush up their culinary skills and assure them to have a great exclusive experience without hassle of washing and cleaning up. 

*Only applicable on selected cruise departures.

Little Dreamers programme

Date: 15th December 2017 - 23rd March 2018

Package Price: HKD$168 (2-night) / HKD$258 (5-night)


· Etiquette Class

· Fun Role Playing

· Kids Music Jam

· Junior Chef 

· Little Dreamers Dress Up Party

· Balloon Twisting Class

· Creative Arts & Craft Workshops

· Little Martial Arts Master

· Graduation Ceremony

*Programme is subject to change in different cruises. Seats are limited, offer is subject to availability.


Junior Chef

Our professional chef team on board Genting Dream will team up with a leading famous Japanese cooking studio, ABC Cook Studio, to design exclusive recipes for kids and teach them basic cooking knowledge and techniques. Junior Chefs can learn the relationships between food and science, and learn to appreciate healthy daily eating habits and culinary basic skills through a fun and enjoyable environment.



Little Martial Arts Master

World Dream brings the wisdom Wing Tsun at sea with special classes for children to learn and appreciate this much-loved traditional martial art brought to Hong Kong by the late Great Grandmaster Ip Man and spread around the world by his last student Grandmaster Leung Ting.
Conducted by the Wing Tsun Masters from the International Wing Tsun Association and Leung Ting Wing Tsun, the classes will teach children basic techniques to boost their physical skills as well as mental and spiritual strength.
*Only applicable on selected cruise departures.



Chinese New Year Menu

Special Chinese New Year Reunion Menus at Silk Road created by our professional team of seasoned Chinese Chefs will be available on World Dream to celebrate Chinese New Year. Experience the ultimate in Chinese delicacies with your whole family.



Dream Reader: Learn the Meaning of your Dreams

Date: 7th January 2018
Presented by: Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace is a dream psychologist who is world renowned for specializing in dreams and dreaming. He is widely acclaimed in the media for his live dream analysis, performed with an expert empathy and immediacy that both informs and entertains. Ian has an encyclopedic knowledge of dreams and the dreaming process and over thirty years of experience of putting his learning into successful practice.
Ian Wallace will conduct 3 talks onboard: “Setting Sail Into Your Dreams”, “Navigating Your Dreams” and “Arriving At Your Dream Destinations” and he will unlock the hidden meaning life-changing world of your dreams. 



Destiny at Sea: Feng Shui

Date: 14th January 2018
Master Pius Chan is a famous and popular Feng Shui Master in Hong Kong, known as the “The New Feng Shui King” by the major media outlets in Hong Kong. He will conduct 3 talks “Land Luck of China and Hong Kong”, “Fortune of Zodiac on The Year of The Dog” and “Which Orientation is Good or Bad in The Year of Dog”, to bring you good fortune.



2018 New Year’s Eve Countdown and Fireworks Display

Date: 31st December 2017
Reflect on the year gone by and celebrate the new year in style as World Dream brings an awesome year-end euphoria on the high seas. Let’s all count down to 2018 with astounding dazzling fireworks display and laser show, spectacular entertainment and non-stop party music for an amazing night of dancing and celebration.



Masquerade Night

Masked in mystery and draped in decadence, a masquerade ball is nothing but a magical night of dancing with the Entertainers, Officers and Crew on board.



Chinese New Year Celebration

Date: 16th - 25th February 2018
To celebrate Chinese New Year, a countdown party and various festive activities will be hosted on board for all family members to enjoy, such as Lion Dance, Fortune God Parade, and arts and craft workshops. Guests could also enjoy traditional festive foods or snacks in every food outlet on World Dream.



Ancient Chinese Experience Programmes for Kids

Kids on board are welcome to join the programmes to learn more about Chinese language and culture through different activities and wearing Chinese ancient costumes.


· Chinese Ancient Fashion Show

· Chinese Poems Learning

· Chinese Idiom Storytelling


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