Dream Cruises makes its guests’ dreams a reality – whether they are dreams of extraordinary vacations, unforgettable discoveries or something more. And where better than out in the open sea, where new horizons unfold and new possibilities are born?

Dream Cruises has designed and curated a remarkable ‘Dreamscapes’ programme of interactive guest activities and experiences presented by a portfolio of world-class speakers, who enthuse and inspire guests with their expertise and passion for their specialist subjects. The programme features epic stories from award-winning travel photographers and iconic explorers of land, sea and space.

Cruising on Genting Dream is not only a luxurious and exciting vacation. Through its ‘Dreamscapes’ enrichment programme, guests of all ages have the opportunity to spark new passions and deepen existing interests, adding a new dimension to their transformational journey at sea.

Penfolds Wine Tasting Workshop (Applicable to Genting Dream)
Cruise trip: 20 November 2017
Presented by: Penfolds Wine Tasting Workshop
Embark on a wine tasting voyage with Sam Stephens, Penfolds Ambassador and an award-winning hospitality and wine industry professional with over 18 years of international experience. Discover how the noble grapes of Penfolds can turn into five different varieties of wine in this exclusive wine tasting event.

Draw Your Dreams (Applicable to Genting Dream)
Cruise trips: 26 November - 3 December 2017, 10 - 17 December 2017 & 7 - 12 January 2018
Presented by: Lesley Tang
Lesley Tang is an illustrator and designer originally from Singapore and currently based in London. She will be returning to Singapore for Genting Dream and will be conducting various workshops on drawing your dreams such as how to illustrate a Mermaid and Astronaut for all ages. She can also teach Illustration 101 and draw pencil portraits in 15 minutes! Join her talks to appreciate the illustrations and pop art samples, showcasing her passion for Mermaids and Astronauts-uncanny coincidence! Lesley Tang has a BFA in Visual Communication from Nanyang Technological University, and is presently pursuing the MA in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths University of London.

Mermaid Academy at Sea (Applicable to Genting Dream)
Cruise trips: 20 November - 31 December 2017
Presented by: Mermaid Kat
Mermaid Kat is the world’s leading professional Mermaid who established in 2012 the first ever Mermaid School in the world with branches in Australia and Germany. Dream and become a Mermaid by learning her story. Workshops on how to breathe and move like a Mermaid will be conducted and enjoy the live demonstrations of Mermaid Kat at the pool. Special photo sessions with mermaid tails add to the Mermaid Magic!

Guinness World Records Explorer: Conquering the Three Poles Challenge (Applicable to World Dream)
Cruise trip: 19 November 2017
Presented by: Adrian Hayes
Adrian Hayes is a British record-breaking polar explorer and adventurer, best known for reaching the three extreme points of the Earth—the Three Poles Challenge—which involved walking all the way to the North Pole, South Pole and summiting Mt. Everest, all in the shortest period of time (1 year, 217 days - his first Guinness World record). Adrian Hayes will conduct 2 talks onboard: “The Three Poles” and “The Greenland Quest” and he will show you how he can win the Guinness World Records.

The Art of a Bikini Beauty Shoot (Applicable to World Dream)
Cruise trips: 19, 24 & 26 November 2017
Presented by: Ike Eichensehr
Ike Eichensehr will deliver fascinating lectures on board World Dream with captivating insights on his work and on his specialty – capturing women in their skin and making women in swimwear look incredible. Eichensehr has shot portraits from Hillary Clinton to Kobe Bryant and has been published in FHM, G.Q., HK Bazaar, Marie Claire, Prestige, and Elle (China). Exclusive photography classes and private workshops with Boracay based American photographer Ike Eichensehr. The classes are designed for beginners to advanced amateur photographers. The goal is to instill enthusiasm in any photographer and raise his or her skill level, self-confidence and production volume. Ike Eichensehr will personally bring passengers on Boracay and highlight the best panoramic areas, landscapes and seascapes of this world class island. Get the chance to learn from a professional photographer who has an insider knowledge of Boracay from its breathtaking beach featuring crystal blue clarity to the most photogenic sites.

Color Me Beautiful (Applicable to World Dream)
Cruise trip: 10 December 2017
Presented by: Pavleta Petrova
Pavleta Petrova, is a European style, fashion and color consultant – having trained with Eve Roth Lindsay and graduated from University of Florence, Pavleta has started her own image consulting business, injecting her own unique sense of style in her clients’ wardrobes. Trust Pavleta’s incredible eye for color and embark on a journey to discover what an enormous difference it makes between wearing the right colors instead of the wrong ones.

Shakespeare at Sea (Applicable to World Dream)
Cruise trip: 17 December 2017
Presented by: Shiona Carson from Shakespeare4All
Shakespeare4All will be conducting fun, interactive workshops to help youngsters improve their language and public-speaking skills on board World Dream. Shakespeare4All is one of Hong Kong’s leading performing arts education organizations whose purpose is to build fluency and confidence in English by performing Shakespearean plays.  A fun and creative way for children to practice their English language skills through the art of drama!

Dream Reader: Learn the Meaning of your Dreams (Applicable to World Dream)
Cruise trip: 7 January 2018
Presented by: Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace is a dream psychologist who is world renowned for specializing in dreams and dreaming. He is widely acclaimed in the media for his live dream analysis, performed with an expert empathy and immediacy that both informs and entertains. Ian has an encyclopedic knowledge of dreams and the dreaming process and over thirty years of experience of putting his learning into successful practice. He will unlock the hidden meaning life-changing world of your dreams. 

Destiny at Sea: Feng Shui Forecasts (Applicable to Genting Dream)
Cruise trips: 12 & 14 January 2018
Presented by: Raymond Lo
Raymond Lo is only one of the five people alive to earn the title of “Grand Master” from the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA). The upcoming year, Master Lo has been invited by Genting Dream again, offering Feng Shui forecasts of the Year of the Dog and his specialty for Feng Shui consultations: Auspicious Date Selection, Four Pillars of Destiny and Ching Divination.

Destiny at Sea: Feng Shui Forecasts (Applicable to World Dream)
Cruise trip: 14 January 2018
Presented by: Master Pius Chan
Master Pius Chan is a famous and popular Feng Shui Master in Hong Kong, known as the “The New Feng Shui King” by the major media outlets in Hong Kong. He is a Master Pius Chan will be conducting talks on the Year of the Dog and offering Feng Shui readings to bring you good fortune.

Yoga Academy (Applicable to Genting Dream)
Cruise trip: 21 January 2018
Presented by: Denise Keller, Celebrity Yoga Instructor
Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, yoga offers strong and flexible body, increased focus and better sleep and so much more.
Denise Keller is a certified yoga instructor and wellness advisor. She is also the fashionable VJ on MTV Asia. She earns accolades for hosting major travel and lifestyle television programs such as the extremely popular Discovery Travel & Living series, "Passage to Malaysia." The series garnered multiple nominations and won Best Lifestyle Program at the 2010 Asia TV Awards. This January, onboard Genting Dream to learn Yoga sessions with Denise Keller to transform and rejuvenate your body for a New You!  


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