Onboard Safety and Preventive Measures

Will there be restrictions on capacity when sailing resumes?

As per the Singapore authority guidelines, World Dream will be operating at a reduced capacity of 50% to ensure the safety & well-being of all on board.

Will guests be required to wear face masks?

All guests are required to wear face masks in public areas, except when dining and engaging in strenuous sports / physical activities as per the requirements of the local authorities.

I understand queues used to form outside the restaurants and eateries of the cruises. What are the arrangements made to counter passengers from mingling outside the restaurants?

Guests are required to make reservations for the on board specialty restaurants.

For inclusive on board restaurants, guests are required to adhere to the social distancing practices when lining-up with markers available for reference.

Guests are given a pre-set timing if the restaurant capacity has reached its peak with the extension of the meal timings. Informative screens provide guests with updates of the status and capacity of the dining venue.

If we are a family of more than 5 persons, are we allowed to dine together?

Guests will be seated in a group of maximum 5 per table (depending on size of table) in F&B outlets. Social distancing rules apply for all on board activities, theatre seatings and public areas. Guests may also choose to book facilities exclusively at a nominal fee.

In view of the new norm and guidelines, will all the ship’s facilities and venues be in operation when World Dream commences sailing?

Yes, all on board facilities will remain in operation.

During this time, we will be focusing our attention on the implementation of our health and hygiene guidelines and protocols to provide the safest and most care-free cruise experience with peace of mind for all on board.

We will constantly review our operations and offerings in accordance the local authorities’ requirements to continuously offer our guests additional and exciting services and facilities in the near future.

With the mandated use of the contact tracing APP/token, will guests’ personal data be compromised?

Guests’ personal data will not be compromised as the contact tracing token is required by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for the purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing only, and it will not have GPS, internet, or cellular connectivity to enable any form of tracking. The TraceTogether Token and app do not collect location data either.

User details stored in the phone or the token can only be accessed by a health official.

For more information on the TraceTogether Token and app, you can visit https://support.tracetogether.gov.sg/hc/en-sg .

Do we need to have the TraceTogether token and MICE pod at all times? why do we need to have both TraceTogether and MICE pod devices?

Guests aged 7 & above are required to have their TraceTogether APP / token at all times.

MICE pod will be issued to guests of all ages and they are required to have their MICE pod at all times.

TraceTogether works by exchanging short-distance Bluetooth signals between tokens / phones to detect other participating TraceTogether users in close proximity. MICE pod beeps when it detects another user in close proximity, alert users to keep a safe 1m distance.

What is a MICE pod and how do we use the data in the MICE pod?

MICE Pod is a token issued to guests of all ages and guests’ data will not be compromised as the token is used for the purpose of monitoring social distancing adherence and contact tracing which is required by the Ministry of Health . It will not have GPS, internet, or cellular connectivity.

If a guest in unwell and undergoes COVID-19 testing on board the ship during the voyage will I be charged?

Any on board medical charges with symptoms related to COVID-19, including COVID-19 testing on the ship will not be charged to the guest.

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