Tour & Travel

Tour & Travel

If guests buy products at a certain port of call during shorex, will it be allowed to be brought onboard?

Most souvenirs are allowed. Please refer to Customs/Ship's restrictions on prohibited items. 

What is a shore excursion?

When the ship docks at a new port, one of the best ways to explore is through a shore excursion. Shore excursions are chosen by you based on your interest, activity level, or at your request, customizable to your group. Dream Cruises offers a variety of shore excursions that will take you to memorable sites to experience the local culture at each destination. 
It is highly advised to book your excursions through Dream Cruises, as our trusted tour operators have been carefully selected to meet our high standards. Every effort is made to ensure that each tour operates safely, and must co-ordinate with our shipboard team. In the event your return from a tour is delayed, Dream Cruises is able to closely monitor, and hold the ship for you if necessary. 

How do I book shore excursions?

You can book at the time when you are making your reservation or via dedicated Shore Excursions & Cruise Consultant once onboard.

I don't want to join your Shore Excursion, I'd prefer my own arrangement, what should I do?

Priority disembarkation is given to ship arranged shore excursion guests, followed by Free & Easy guests under their own arrangement. Please be aware if arranging own shore excursions or Free & Easy arrangements, we are unable to provide any visa on arrival for Vietnam. Please follow ship's program for disembarkation time.

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