National Treasures at Sea

Chinese Shadow Play

Sailing Date: 22th September 2019

With its diverse musical performance, localized and exquisite features, lively presentation, Lufeng Shadow Puppetry was selected in 2006 as one of representative art forms of National Intangible Cultural Heritage; and eventually UNESCO listed Chinese Shadow Puppetry, in which Lufeng Shadow Puppetry was included, on the World Heritage List in 2011.


Peking Opera, Kunqu and Sichuan Operas

The Peking Opera and Kunqu are recognized as part of the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, while Sichuan and “Face-changing” are selected as the National Treasure. These on-stage theatrical performances represent the traditional values of Chinese esthetics of art forms with the combination of literature, martial arts, juggling and music. You are more than welcome to join a series of workshops, presented by famous opera performers, to learn more about the makeup, props, costumes and singing!

Sailing Date:
18th September 2019 (Sichuan / Face Changing)
26th September 2019 (Peking / Kunqu)
30th September 2019 (Peking / Kunqu)

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Crab Festival
Tai Chi Academy at Sea by General Institute of Wang Xi-an Tai-chi
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