Gourmet Paradise at Sea

Using the fresh and new ingredients, our Senior Chefs create mouth-watering cuisines for you to enjoy at sea.


September – October: Eight Great Regional Cuisines in China

Beijing Cuisine: headstrong flavors with garlic, spring onion, fermented soybean; Jiangsu Cuisine: great seafood dishes with generally sweet and light tastes; Sichuan and Hunan Cuisines: hot and spicy; Anhui Cuisines: inclusion of wild ingredients from mountains; Shanghai Cuisine: prepared in thick sauces with rich aroma; Shanxi Cuisine: sour and spicy flavors; Hubei Cuisine: delicate fish dishes with lightly spiced flavoring.

On the World Dream, every guest can savor the most exquisite cuisines at the sea. Signature dishes for the Eight Great Regional Cuisines like “Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue in Chili Sauce”, “Scramble Egg White”, “Peking Duck” and many more will be presented in lunch and dinner.


Venue: Dream Dining Room - Upper (Deck 8 AFT)
Price: Free of charge

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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
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