Travel Advisory Updates

Travel Advisory Updates

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Health Advisory Embarkation Measures Hygiene & Safety Measures


Health Advisory


Dear Guests and fellow crew members,


A new respiratory virus, called COVID-19, has been identified as the cause of an outbreak of pneumonia. Person-to-person spread can occur particularly in close contacts.

Signs and symptoms of the new respiratory virus illness may begin within 14 days of exposure and include fever (38 C°/100.4 F°) or feverishness, chills, cough and difficulty in breathing.

As with all respiratory illnesses, you can reduce your risk of infection by exercising the following routine precautions:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, and help young children do the same. Where soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. If a tissue is not immediately available, cough or sneeze into your upper arm.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid personal contact, such as sharing cups or eating utensils.

If you experience any symptoms of respiratory illness while on board, please stay in your cabin and contact the on board Medical Center.

If you develop symptoms after leaving the ship, see a doctor right away. Call them before going to see them to tell them your symptoms and your travel and contact history.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important information and please take care.


Yours sincerely,

Dream Cruises



Heightened Embarkation Measures



As part of Dream Cruises’ ongoing efforts to safeguarding your well-being, guests and crew members under the following conditions will be prohibited from boarding:

  • Any person (and their family members) with recent travel history to countries placed under border restriction by the local homeport government in the last 14 days before the departure date
  • Any person (and their family members) with laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Any person (and their family members) in quarantine with suspected COVID-19 cases
  • Any person (and their family members) with fever or other related COVID-19 symptoms

* Please note above restrictions are subject to change and all may not be listed.




Online Check-in Before Arrival

  • Guests are encouraged to do online check-in to receive a sail pass with allocated check-in time to avoid gathering at the cruise terminal
  • At the terminal, dedicated express queues for self check-in kiosks and counters are available for online check-in guests to print and collect cabin cards before proceeding to immigration checkpoint

Check-in for your cruise via:




Temperature Screening

  • Mandatory temperature screening and pre-boarding health declarations for all guests and crew members before embarkation
  • Additional daily temperature checks for all crew members
  • Anyone with a fever will be escorted to a dedicated quarantine area for further medical tests



On Board Hygiene & Safety Measures



Stringent Sanitization On Board

  • Higher frequency and increased levels of sanitization and disinfection including daily wipe-down of guest and crew cabins and fogging of vacant cabins and twice daily wipe-down and fogging of cabin alleyways using hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Common public areas will be sanitized from once a day to 2-4 times per day and frequent touch points such as handrails, lift buttons, table tops, door handles etc. will be sterilized every hour or less
  • On board entertainment venues such as the theatre is sanitized before and after each show and capacity will be limited to half the venue for increased space between guests
  • All recreational equipment sanitized before guest usage




100% Fresh Air On Board

  • 100% external fresh air is filtered and supplied to each passenger and crew cabin, as well as on board public areas with no re-circulation of air between cabins or within the ship
  • Air filters and cooling coils are thoroughly checked, cleaned and replaced to ensure healthy air quality




Pro-Actively Promoting Good Personal Hygiene Practices

  • Guests and crew members are advised to take care of their personal and environmental hygiene, including regular and proper hand washing practices and frequent use of sanitizers
  • Sanitizer dispensers are readily available at various common areas and crew members will be stationed at key locations to pro-actively provide hand sanitation for all guests
  • All frontline crew members are required to wear surgical face masks.
    In addition, Housekeeping and F&B crew members are required to wear disposable gloves.



High Food Hygiene Practices & Standards

  • Self-service will be suspended at buffet outlets; all food and beverages will be served to guests by crew members
  • Food tongs and serving spoons are kept in the sneeze guard area and changed frequently




Extra Convenience With Dream Cruises’ Mobile App and QuickPay Online

  • Guests can download the app on their smartphone prior to embarkation; usage of Dream Cruises’ Mobile App and QuickPay are free of Wi-Fi charges
  • Avoid queues at the box office for entertainment show bookings
  • Avoid queues at the reception with online credit card bill settlement via the Dream Cruises App or by scanning the QuickPay QR code available on guests’ stateroom TV




Onboard Professional Medical Team

  • While on board, if any guest develop a fever, feel feverish or unwell, they are advised to seek immediate medical assistance from our medical team

The above is subject to change at any time based on the interests of health and safety of our guests and crew and any other requirements that may be imposed by local and regional authorities.

Updated as of 13 Mar 2020

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