Cruise debut of six celebrity chefs in collaboration with the Dream Culinary Team

Hong Kong, 27 April 2018 - Dream Cruises redefines the concept of haute cuisine with Taste the Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea, a culinary extravaganza featuring the unprecedented collaboration between six Asia-based celebrity chefs and the Dream culinary team. From June to November 2018, guests who book and stay in “The Palace” suite accommodations on board World Dream will have the opportunity to indulge in limited-edition tasting menus. The Palace is World Dream’s “ship within a ship concept” and offers 154 spacious suites with European Style butler service and private dining and lounge areas among other inclusive benefits. These menus will be included in the complimentary daily dining options for all guests who stay in The Palace suites on World Dream. There will also be an exclusive Chef’s table and interactive workshops with the celebrity chefs available to all guests throughout the cruise.

The six celebrity chefs who will make their cruise debut on World Dream are:

  • Alvin Leung, triple Michelin-starred expert in molecular gastronomy
  • Chan Kwok Keung (KK), Michelin-starred Chef and World Champion of the Chinese Cuisine World Championship
  • Vicky Cheng, the youngest chef to receive a Michelin star in Hong Kong and master of French-Chinese fusion cuisine
  • Christian Yang, globe-trotting food lover, also known as the “culinary magician”
  • Wan Tat Kong, Master of Chinese Food Culture and member of the International Jury Committee, World Association of Chinese Cuisine
  • Martin Yan, world-renowned celebrity chef and host of the award-winning cooking show “Yan Can Cook”


“To debut our new signature dining campaign, we are proud to showcase the outstanding talents of these six culinary experts on World Dream, where they join forces with our Dream Cruises Chefs and galley teams, led by fleet executive chefs Reinhard Mammes and Lee Eng Heng, as well as the executive chef of World Dream, Supachai Saisoigeon to create an exquisite gourmet experience at sea,” said Mr. Thatcher Brown, President of Dream Cruises. “We look forward to reimagining the enjoyment of food and wine at sea with a multifaceted ‘Wine & Dine; experience that is truly Asian at heart and international is spirit. We look forward to exceeding the expectations of our discerning guests.”

From June to November, guests on World Dream will have their palates enticed and delighted by exquisite “4-hand menus” – joint collaboration of two chefs - inspired by the themes of ocean and sailing and crafted by the celebrity chefs and the Dream culinary team. The menus will showcase different highlights from each celebrity chef including molecular gastronomy, modern Cantonese cuisine, French-Chinese fusion food art, thematic banquets based on Chinese literature classics and more.

Each 4-hand menu will also be complemented by a fine selection of wines and spirits curated by the professional sommelier on World Dream. The limited-edition tasting menus will be available exclusively in on-board specialty restaurants, which guests of The Palace may enjoy on a complimentary basis as part of their daily dining privilege. A selection of thematic dishes will also be featured in a-la-carte menus, as well as in the complimentary buffets of inclusive restaurants.

For private dining, the exclusive Vintage Room will feature a curated gourmet menu for up to 10 guests highlighted by a special visit by the guest celebrity chef on designated weekend sailings. Guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy up-close-and-personal interactions with the celebrity chefs, who will host interactive workshops based on their personal interests and expertise.

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The six Dream Chefs receive commemorative medals from Mr. Thatcher Brown, President of Dream Cruises.

From left to right: Chef Supachai Saisoigeon, Executive Chef of World Dream; Chef Martin Yan; Chef Christian Yang; Chef Vicky Cheng; Mr. Thatcher Brown, President of Dream Cruises; Chef Alvin Leung; Chef KK Chan; Chef Wan Tat Kong and Chef Lee Eng Heng, Fleet Executive Chef of Genting Cruise Lines.

Dream Chefs toast to the great success of “Taste of Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea” with Mr. Thatcher Brown and Ms. Christine Li, Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing, Dream Cruises.


Thematic canapes based on the themes of ocean and sailingCreated by the Dream Chefs
Pearl of the Ocean by Chef Alvin Leung

A Rose at Sea by Chef KK Chan

The Crescent at Sea by Chef Wan Tat Kong

Wonders of the Sea by Chef Lee Eng Heng

Poseidon’s Secret Garden by Chef Vicky Cheng

Taste the Sea Breeze by Chef Christian Yang

Treasure of the Sea by Chef Martin Yan

Waltz of the Sea by Chef Supachai Saisoigeon

Taste the Dream – Wine and Dine at Sea – Events Summary

Celebrity Chef Specialty Sailing date (2-night cruise)
Alvin Leung Molecular Gastronomy 8-10 June
Chan Kwok Keung Chinese 22-24 June
Wan Tat Kong Chinese / Japanese 14 – 16 & 28-30 Sept
Vicky Cheng French-Chinese 5 - 7 & 19 - 21 Oct
Christian Yang International 9-11 Nov
Martin Yan International 23-25 Nov

About Alvin Leung

Leung’s culinary innovations and larger than life personality has established him as a global star on the international food scene. The self-proclaimed ‘Demon Chef’ – the Chinese characters for which are tattooed on his arm – has no formal kitchen training. Yet, he is one of the rare self-taught chefs to have a 3 Michelin star establishment. As chef/owner of Hong Kong’s Bo Innovation, his unique ‘X-treme Chinese’ cuisine is lauded for modernizing centuries-old ingredients and traditional recipes with modern techniques and flavours, delivering novel dishes in tune with contemporary palates. In 2003, he began cooking professionally at a private kitchen restaurant that eventually became Bo Innovation. In 2009, it became one of Hong Kong’s few independent restaurants (not affiliated with a hotel) to be awarded 2 Michelin stars. In 2013, it was elevated to 3 Michelin stars status and has maintained that status to this day.

About Chan Kwok Keung

With over 28 years of professional culinary experience in Beijing, Huaiyang, Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine, Chef Chan Kwok Keung excels in the creation of modernized dishes based on the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine. Master Chef Chan worked as Head Chef and consultant for a 1-starred Michelin restaurant in Hong Kong; he has been awarded numerous local and international titles and recognitions, such as World Champion of the Chinese Cuisine World Championship, as well as Champion of Hong Kong TVB's Master Chef.

About Wan Tat Kong

Recognized as Culinary Guru for Cantonese Cuisine by World Master Chefs Association for Cantonese Cuisine, Chef Wan Tat Kong has close to 50 years of culinary experience in Japan, Hong Kong and Canada. Wan had been the executive chef of Koh-en at Yokohama Royal Park Hotel in Japan; he is now a culinary consultant, food ambassador of Japan Aomori prefecture, guest lecturer at Japan Waseda University and a guest chef on Japan NHK TV food program.

Master Wan is best known for the creation of “Canto-Kaiseki Cuisine”, the perfect marriage of traditional Cantonese cooking and Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. Being an ambassador for Chinese culinary culture and health-conscious cuisine, Wan has hosted over 100 lectures and events, including thematic banquets based on Chinese literature classics Dream of the Red Chamber and The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

About Vicky Cheng

Born in Hong Kong and raised under Western influences, Chef Vicky Cheng started off as a young chef classically trained under some of the most highly revered and respected French chefs, including Daniel Boulud of the Michelin-starred Restaurant Daniel in New York, to acquire knowledge and principles that laid foundation for the culinary excellence he excels at VEA restaurant and Lounge today.

Cheng embraces his Asian roots and heritage. In an inventive approach, he combines French gastronomic techniques of great precision and finesse, with emphasis on the use of fresh, authentic and seasonal products from around the world - Asia in particular. With Chef Vicky Cheng at the helm, VEA restaurant & Lounge has earned multiple awards shortly after its opening in 2016, including the first Michelin star, SCMP Top 100 Tables, and CNN Hong Kong's Best New Restaurants.

About Christian Yang

A true advocate of Hong Kong culture, Chef Christian Yang expresses his heritage flavours in a fun-loving brand of cuisine.

Over 10 years, Christian worked in many Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe before settling back in Hong Kong. Currently, he hosts and produces culinary shows across many local and international television networks and is the culinary partner for the “Typhoon Shelter” Chinese Restaurant and Bar in Mumbai.

About Martin Yan

After receiving his formal restaurant training in Hong Kong, Chef Yan immigrated to Calgary, Canada where on one snowy day he was asked to appear in a daytime news program to demonstrate Chinese cooking. The rest, as they say, was television history. From that small station in Canada, the Yan Can Cook Show grew to become one of the most popular cooking programs on public television, both in North America and on the global stage. It has won the James Beard Award for Best Food Documentary Show for two consecutive seasons. Never one to rest on his laurels, Martin has remained an active international food ambassador. He roams the world representing different commercial and social concerns to entertain and educate the public, sharing with them his unique humour and strong passion for Chinese cooking.

About Reinhard Mammes, Fleet Executive Chef for Western Cuisine,
Genting Cruise Lines

Chef Mammes has over 25 years of professional culinary experience on land and at sea. Before he joined the Genting Cruise Lines family, he worked with 5-star hotels in USA, England and Germany, where he excelled his expertise in menu design for specialty restaurants and themed banquets. As a well-seasoned executive chef, Chef Mammes has mastered the art of haute cuisine on a cruise ships from quality food sourcing to preparation and delivery, where chefs may be challenged with a unique environment that differs from land-based restaurants. Chef Mammes’ long tenure in Asia has a prolific understanding of Asian Cuisines. Chef Mammes is Head Corporate Chef for Genting Cruise Lines and responsible for developing culinary strategy for new ship builds.

About Lee Eng Heng, Fleet Executive Chef for Chinese Cuisine,
Genting Cruise Lines

Chef Lee is passionate about traditional Cantonese and Malaysian cuisine, both of which are his specialties at Genting Cruise Lines, where his has led the culinary team to victory in several professional competitions, including World Master Chefs Competition for Cantonese Cuisine in 2015 and 2016. True to his Malaysian heritage, Chef Lee is the mastermind behind signature dishes at Blue Lagoon, the renowned 24-hr restaurant of the Genting Cruise Lines fleet, where hawker-style delicacies including Hainan chicken rice and Bak Gut Teh are served to perfection. Chef Lee has over 30 years of professional experience in 5-star hotels and cruise hospitality.

About Supachai Saisoigeon, Executive Chef of World Dream

Chef Supachai discovered his passion for food at a young age, when he helped his mother with meal preparation in the kitchen and experimented with different ingredients to create new tastes and flavours. Born and raised in Thailand, Chef Supachai has 35 years of extensive culinary experience under his belt; he has worked with 5-star hotels, resort and convention centres in Bangkok, Phangnga, Beijing, Hong Kong and Fujian, where he honed his expertise in both Asian and European cuisines.


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