Asian Street Food Fiesta, Genting Dream

Asian Street Food Fiesta, Genting Dream

1st June - 31st August 2018

Experience an Asian street food festival at sea! Imagine taking in the sounds, smells and sensational flavours from a wide variety of Asian countries. Savour the flavours from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore and Vietnam! It will be a feast for the senses since you can also enjoy live performances, interesting games, different workshops and activities during your voyage.

Guests can also have a chance to taste the craft beers provided onboard. Have fun with the beer pong tournament and learn the pairing of beer and cheese.

Don’t miss the chance for the first food festival on Genting Dream!

Asian Food Festival

Asian Bazaar
The amazing multicultural team of chefs on Genting Dream will offer a delicious range of street food from different Asian countries in the Bazaar. Guests can enjoy the food with live band music and interactive games on the main pool deck.
Venue: Main Pool Deck (Deck 16)

Spice it Up Challenge

Calling all spicy food lovers! In the mood to heat up your taste buds? If you are ready and willing to take the plunge into fiery-hot madness, challenge yourself in the Spice it Up Challenge to win a prize – but brace yourself for some serious heartburn!
Venue: Main Pool Deck (Deck 16)

Cocktail Making Class

You can learn the art of mixology from our onboard professional bartender. Join this interactive class and learn to create your own special cocktail! Host your own cocktail parties when you get home and impress all your friends!
Venue: Tributes (Deck 8 MID)

*This activity is chargeable. Please refer to promotional materials onboard. Seats are limited, first come first serve.

Candy Art Workshop at Sea

Date: 1st – 29th June 2018
Create candy arts with “Mr. Candy” Ko Hiu Ming, experience Chinese traditional folk art, have a fun and sweet time at sea!
Ko Hiu Ming, is an artisan of traditional candy art. In 2008, Ko has started a long journey to the Northern China and learnt the candy art from the master teacher Han Ping An. In the spring of 2017, Ko was apprenticed to another great candy artist, Luo Jau Ying, the only inheritor of the China Intangible Cultural Heritage, Tianmen candy sculpture. Ko has all the luck and honor to become the last disciple of the 85 years old master Luo. Today, Ko applies what he has learned and aims to carry forward the traditional crafts to a higher stage.

Asian Food Promotion

Relish the amazing Asian specialties at Blue Lagoon for all guests to enjoy!

  • Grilled Squid with Chili Garlic Sauce
  • Satay Burger
  • Ayam Penyet
  • Pinaputuk



Craft Beer Experiences

Beer and Cheese Tasting*
It is widely assumed that wine and cheese are compatible friends. However, cheese pairs just as well with beer- if not better. Beer has a seemingly endless number of brews that can match many types of cheese. You can navigate the delicious terrain by pairing them up and trusting your own senses. Grab a beer and a wedge of cheese—it's time to pair them up!
Venue: Zouk (Deck 17 AFT)

*This activity is chargeable. Please refer to promotional materials onboard. Seats are limited, first come first serve.

Beer Pong Tournament

Join the beer pong tournament and win a prize. Show off your pong skills and unleash your dance moves with our DJ’s music.

Craft Beer Flight*

Guests can try several different beer varieties at one time. Find out what is your favourite type and drink the night away.

*This activity is chargeable. Please refer to promotional materials onboard. Seats are limited, first come first serve.



Astronaut Camp at sea

Date: 8th - 22nd June 2018
Dr. Leroy Chiao is a former NASA astronaut and International Space Commander who is a veteran of four space missions and has logged 229 days in space –over 36 hours of which were spent in Extra-vehicular Activity or spacewalks.
He works in business, consulting, executive coaching and space education. He is a co-founder and CEO of OneOrbit, a training and education solutions company, and is also a professional international speaker. Chiao also holds appointments at Rice University and the Baylor College of Medicine, and is an advisor to the Houston Association for Space and Science Education.

1. Space presentation by astronaut Leroy Chiao
    a) Journey of a Chinese Heritage Astronaut
    b) Exciting Discoveries in Space! What’s It All About and is there Other Life Out There?
2. Autograph and photo session with Dr. Chiao after space presentation
3. “Space Camp” for families, led by Dr. Chiao
4. Dining Events with Dr. Leroy Chiao (Lunch/Dinner)
    Fee: Please refer to promotional materials onboard



2018 World Cup Fiesta

Date: 14th June – 27th July 2018
Have you ever watched a World Cup match at sea? Dream Cruises will arrange live broadcasting of the 2018 World Cup on Genting Dream this summer. We will celebrate the World Cup fever on the high seas as we kick-off a great party with the parade of World Cup flags and jerseys followed by a fun celebration packed with amazing performances. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself in a series of World Cup activities on Genting Dream. Let’s celebrate this quadrennial football festival!


  • Bubble Football
  • Football Pool
  • 5-a-side Football
  • World Cup Face Painting
  • World Cup Dance Craze

Dream Cruises x D Skills Academy
Freestyle Football Fun and Learn
Date: 15th – 20th June 2018
Dream Cruises invited Charles Saw, the co-founder and the head coach of D Skills Academy to onboard Genting Dream for special freestyle football performances and workshops* for Little Dreamers.
D Skills Academy is Malaysia’s best football skills academy which specializes in teaching football dribbling techniques, nutmeg and freestyle skills with the ultimate goal of enhancing your football gameplay skills. Charles Saw was the runner up for Malaysia Freestyle Football Competition of 2014. Throughout the years, he had taught and enhanced more than 1000 students’ skills through his unique and proven success skills learning model.

*This activity is chargeable. Please refer to promotional materials onboard. Seats are limited, first come first serve.

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