The Emperor 's Table by Seema Bhatia

  • Applicable to: Genting Dream

  • Cruise trips: 3 & 6 November 2019

  • Presented by: Seema Bhatia

Seema’s mother, Veena Puri, spent her formative years in the Indian princely state of Rampur. The family being close friends of the Nawab, were often invited to attend many a royal banquets; and her mother persistently invited herself into the royal kitchens to observe first-hand how such culinary heights were reached. On moving to East Africa, Seema ran a successful cookery school, workshops, catering business. Over 100 recipes from the Royal kitchens were eventually published in a book entitled : India: Cuisine of the Kings and the entire book is treasure of royal recipes. Onboard World Dream to experience the Emperors Table with live cooking demonstration – reliving the Emperor’s recipe!

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