International Yoga Festival - Yoga Academy by Stephanie Ngai

  • Applicable to: World Dream

  • Cruise trips: June 2020 (Designated sailings only)

  • Presented by: Stefanie Ngai, World Champion

Asana Yoga is all about placing the physical body in positions that cultivates awareness, relaxation and concentration. Experience Asana Yoga 101, an introduction made ideal by the 2013 International Yoga Asana Champion Stefanie Ngai.

Be inspired by her own journey, after being born with breathing difficulties, wherein yoga gave back her breath and so much more life changing benefits. Stefanie grew up in Canada graduated in Psychology in York University. She studied in Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic medicine, Bikram Yoga and Ana Forrest Yoga. She has been teaching yoga worldwide since 2006.

Learn yoga with the World Champion, Stefanie Ngai to discover Asana Yoga on World Dream. Experience a whole range of poses from various classic yoga approaches. For beginners to advanced yoga enthusiasts.

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