Astronaut Camp by Dr. Leroy Chiao

Date: 24th July – 7th August 2019

As a former NASA astronaut who has logged over 229 days in space, Dr. Chiao will get onboard and share his vision in our Astronaut Camps.

Astronaut Camp Activities by Dr. Leroy Chiao

Lift Off with an Astronaut!
Design, build and launch your own rockets.

Return to the Moon with an Astronaut!
Build your own lunar probes with the L-Cross Design Challenge!

Moon and Mars Exploration with an Astronaut!
Learn about the challenges of exploring the Moon and Mars, followed by building and testing exploration landers.

Discover Moons and Exoplanets with an Astronaut!
Explore some other moons and planets that might be habitable like planet Earth. Then create your own solar system art project!

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