Konnichiwa – Daruma on World Dream

There’s fun and excitement in the air at World Dream this summer as the playful Little Astronaut and Little Mermaid, the official mascot of Dream Cruises, bring a world of fun, adventure and the coolest elements of Japan straight to guests onboard.

A traditional Japanese symbol turned into Little Mermaid. In this case it is the Daruma doll and the image of Daruma adorns many places on the ship. Ten different colors represent different types of luck. Let’s choose your doll based on your goal:

  • RED – Luck and Good Fortune
  • PURPLE – Health and Longevity
  • GREEN – Health and Fitness
  • WHITE – Harmony
  • AQUAMARINE – Dreams Come True
  • PINK – Love & Romance
  • YELLOW – Success
  • BLUE – Education
  • GOLD – Wealth and Prosperity
  • SLIVER – Social Status

Don’t miss the chance to join the parade when our performers ride down the deck carrying the Daruma doll figure – Snap your selfies!

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