Interactive Puppetry Performances

Puppetry performance (rod puppet, marionette, glove puppet, shadow puppet, etc.) has been listed on Hong Kong’s first “Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory” since June 2014. Join us to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at sea with a variety of interactive puppet performances, such as Marionette Theater, Shadow Puppets and Glove Puppets, featuring ancient Chinese myths and fairy tales about Mid-Autumn Festival.



Date: 6th - 8th September 2019
Venue: Lobby (Deck 6 FWD)

1. Marionette Theatre "Lion Dance"
The fierce and mighty lion symbolizes good luck and is entrusted with the good intention of praying for good weather, good harvest, and disaster relief. During the performance, the "God of Wealth" will deliver chocolate coins and candy.

2. Marionette Theatre "Little Monkey in Mount Yao" 
This show presents the lively and dexterous side of the little monkeys. With the lovely and interesting on-stage performances and the interaction with the audience, the whole theater is full of laughter.

3.Glove Puppet "Da Ming Fu" 
"Da Ming Fu" showcases the story about how Liangshan heroes rescue Lu Junyi, the righteous imprisoned in Da Ming Fu. As they dress as street performers, distracting the sights of soldiers with acts like juggling dishes, pots or fire sticks, they sneak in Da Ming Fu and save Lu. With a very simple plot and amazing moves performed by skillful puppet masters, everyone around the world can easily enjoy this mime.



Date: 20th - 22nd September 2019
Venue: Lobby (Deck 6 FWD)

1. Marionette Theatre "Little Monkey in Mount Yao"

2. Marionette "Scarborough Fair"
A variety of performances like snake charming, Middle Eastern dance, playing violin, and weightlifting will be showcased.

3.Marionette Theater "Cheerful Smile"
This is a story a lady dancing when she recalled her those good old days.

4. Marionette Theater, Glove Puppet & rod puppet "Woman in the Moon"
One of the most renowned legendary myths in China. To save the world from drought because of 10 suns in the sky, "Hou Yi" decided to fly to the Palace of Moon to get the mighty arrows for shooting the suns. He was granted "Sacred Pills of Yin and Yang" by the Holy Mother for flying to the Moon and back to the Earth. However, the "Sacred Pills of Yang" was destroyed by Demon. "Chang E", the wife of "Hou Yi", took the "Sacred Pills of Yin" and started her journey to the Palace of Moon…



Date: 27th - 29th September 2019
Venue: Zodiac Theatre (Deck 7 FWD)

Shadow Puppet – New repertoire: A Tale of the Deep Blue Ocean
A new creation with a theme of Seas, Mermaids and Astronauts.
As the first collaboration project with Dream Cruises, as well as an exclusive tailor-made performance only presented on World Dream, Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center brings a wonderful shadow puppet show to the guests onboard. With the innovative sound and lighting special effects and unique East meet West elements, when traditional performing arts meet the mascot Astronaut and Mermaid of Dream Cruises, it will be a creative puppetry entertainment that you can’t ever miss!



Date: 18th - 20th October 2019 and 25th - 27th October 2019
Venue: Lobby (Deck 6 FWD)

A-Chung Chinese Puppet
Puppet master A-Chung, the founder of glove puppetry group "A-Chung Chinese Puppet", combines traditional puppetry with interesting content of TV’s variety show and settings of outdoor-stage play, making glove puppet shows more fun and interactive with the audience. "A-Chung Chinese Puppet" has even had its own TV show and received high TV ratings. Recently, he has started a global tour. With the belief of "languages are different yet the joy is the same", "A-Chung Chinese Puppet" keeps delivering the unique charisma of Chinese glove puppetry.



* Actual show time and venue subject to the announcement of Dream Daily on board.

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