Discover Ryukyu Awamori

  • Applicable to: World Dream

  • Cruise trips: 27 & 29 September 2019

  • Presented by: Awamori Queen

Okinawa Awamori Distillers Association will taking you on a journey of discovery and tasting of the Ryukyu Awamori, a distinguished spirit unique to Okinawa.

Awamori has been produced in Okinawa and said to be the origin of Japanese Shochu, distilled liquors with a history of 600 years. The ingredients and brewing method are different from other Shochu from mainland Japan. Therefore, it gives its own unique aroma and has a distinctive taste. A unique feature of Awamori is the “Kusu maturation”, the aging of Awamori. Awamori is called Kusu when it is aged for more than three years after distillation. The older it gets, the richer its aroma and taste become. Awamori is the only distilled liquor in Japan that bears this specific culture of maturation.

Learn the history of Awamori and how to enjoy it in a wide variety of drinking styles. Being a spirit, with a rich distinctive flavor, it is ideal for cocktails which you will learn to create with the Awamori Queen!

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