Holistic Wellness

  • Applicable to: World Dream and Explorer Dream

  • Cruise trips: 3 May & 14 June 2020 (World Dream) ; 13 May 2020 (Explorer Dream)

  • Presented by: Teressa Siu

Staying young and fit doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Cruise with us on a journey of yoga and nutrition that will boost your brain power and memory while keeping your bones strong and your body bendy. Delve into the yogic tradition with Teressa and learn about conscious nutrition to create harmony, peace, flexibility and mind body balance. Teressa will also show us a series of simple yoga poses that will keep both your mind and body young, fit and bendy. In the Yoga class, Teressa will demonstrate the yogic principles of sound, breath, movement and quietness to boost energy that will sustain you throughout your day.

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