Bierfest Feast

The culinary team presents lots of German delicacies like Pretzels, German sausages, Apple Strudel …and of course, beer, at different restaurants and bars onboard.

You can savour the German gourmet at The Lido, Lido Grill BBQ and Dream Dining Room, like German Meat Balls, Pork Schnitzel, Braised Pork Knuckle, for free of course! Don’t forget to have your free “beer foam art” while ordering your beer* at Lido Grill BBQ.

And German snacks* at Blue Lagoon, beer pairing menus* at Seafood Grill, German cakes* at Little Cake Café and the Bavarian Breakfast* let you appreciate the deliciousness of Bierfest.


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Free Tailor-made Beer Foam Art
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