Behind The Dream

Behind The Dream

<Behind The Dream> – A series of mini-documentary of Dream Cruises crew members While there is a large number of crew members together working onboard the cruises, they become the soul of our cruises. Every crew member has to work on the ship for at least nine consecutive months. Every individual has his/her unique story. Let's begin the dream voyage, and have a step closer to your dreams.



Assistant Executive Housekeeper, Dinesh Panday

Dedicated to maintaining cleanliness in every corner of Dream Cruises, Dinesh Panday, Assistant Executive Housekeeper on World Dream, shares his dedication to leading a team of over 220 housekeepers, making every guest feel like home.







Teppanyaki Chef, Wensley Landicho

Each entertaining show you see from a Teppanyaki chef means countless times of practice behind. Learn about the dreams of Wensley Landicho, Teppanyaki Chef on World Dream, and appreciate his passion of bringing our guests memorable dining experiences on board.







Head Butler of World Dream, Stanislavs Markovs

At The Palace on Dream Cruises, there are a group of people being called "The mind readers", and they focus on the finest detail to anticipate guests’ needs, in order to provide personalised services. Watch this video to see how Stanislavs Markovs becomes a professional butler on World Dream and creates beautiful memories for our guests.







Hotel Event Manager of Genting Dream, Vivian Liu

Every time when there's an event to be hosted on Dream Cruises, the team has to coordinate everything well, which is never an easy task. Watch this video as Hotel Event Manager Vivian Liu on Genting Dream takes charge to organize every event, no matter large or small, and create beautiful memories with our guests.







Assistant Embarkation Manager in Hong Kong, Samuel Ng, and Port Agency Manager in Singapore, Ahmad Sabri Hassan

The first and last impressions are critical to a wonderful journey. Learn how our Port Agency Manager in Singapore, Ahmad Sabri Hassan, and Assistant Embarkation Manager in Hong Kong, Samuel Ng, ensure safe and smooth embarkation and disembarkation for all guests.







Cruise Director of World Dream, Wan Xuan

From launching an improvised rendition to curating a brand new entertaining experience, she is always around. Learn about the dreams of Wan Xuan, Cruise Director of World Dream, and appreciate her passion of bringing to our guests all the fun and exciting experiences on board.







Audio Visual & Production Manager of World Dream, Gautham Shetty

From a simple LED display to audio and lighting effects of our signature shows – this person takes care of it all. Learn about the dreams of Gautham Shetty, AV & Production Manager of World Dream, and appreciate his artistic work of bringing harmony from sound and light on board.







Production Manager of World Dream, Vanessa Mariz

Performers are the heart of a show, and the one who coordinates everything is the soul. After years of hard work as a dancer, Vanessa Mariz now becomes a production manager on World Dream. Watch this video and learn about her Dreams.


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