Crazy for Bubbles!

Bubble Fever extends aboard with our own culinary team’s twist on creative “bubble delights”!

Signature specialties# combine French dessert and Taiwanese bubble traditions – such as Mango Crepes with Bubbles and Salted Caramel Sauce, Egg Tart with Mixed Berries and Brown Sugar Bubbles and adorably creamy Chamomile Pudding with Brown Sugar Bubbles.

Complimentary bubble desserts include Sweetened Taro with Bubbles; Sweetened Pumpkin with Sago and Bubbles; Sweetened Peanut with Bubbles; Cold Grass Jelly with Longan Fruit and Brown Sugar Bubbles; Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with Brown Sugar Bubbles; and Bubbles Milk Tea Jelly.

# Chargeable

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Signature Delicacies of Taiwan
Signature Taiwan and Korea Delicacies
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