On Board Experience

On Board Experience

Electricity and Communication

Is every stateroom equipped with China-standard sockets?

Each stateroom will have 2 Chinese 3-pin sockets and remaining will be HKG sockets (UK). All staterooms have USB sockets on each side of the main bed. 

Do we have Wi-Fi? What would be the cost?

Yes, we have Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Pricing:

STANDARD 1 Night SGD19 HKD128 - Connect to the Internet at basic speeds in an affordable manner.
- Allows 2 devices simultaneously for the whole voyage.
- E-mail
- Chat
- Social media
2 Nights SGD38 HKD198
3 Nights SGD57
4 Nights SGD76
5 Nights SGD95 HKD640
PREMIUM 1 Night SGD29 HKD168 - Connect to the Internet at prime speeds.
- Allows 2 devices simultaneously for the whole voyage.
- E-mail
- Chat
- Social media
- Light media streaming
2 Nights SGD58 HKD268
3 Nights SGD87
4 Nights SGD116
5 Nights SGD145 HKD840
24 Hour SGD39 HKD228 - Connect to the Internet at prime speeds.
- Allows 1 device for a continuous 24 hour period only.

1. Guests may upgrade their Internet package at any time while onboard, upon authorization of an additional folio charge based on the price difference.
2. Internet speeds may vary due to satellite interference, ship location and network congestion at time of use.
3. It is advised that VPN connections, certain websites or types of browsing or downloading may be limited (without prejudice to the price) due to security concerns, mature or violent content, high bandwidth consumption, nature of local satellite internet, or any other reason as deemed necessary by Dream Cruises.

Does Dream Cruises have cellular service?

We have Wi-Fi, costs are subjected to various Wi-Fi packages. Please refer to Wi-Fi Pricing.

Money and Gratuities

What will be the mode of payment onboard?

Genting Dream: Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Union Pay International - UPI, Diners, JCB or American Express), debit cards (Visa, Master Card or Union Pay International - UPI), EWallets (Alipay CN, Apple, Android or Samsung), cash (SGD or foreign currencies) and Genting Points.

World Dream: Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Union Pay International - UPI, JCB or American Express), debit cards (EPS, Octopus, Visa, Master Card or Union Pay International - UPI), EWallets (Alipay CN & HK, Apple, Android, Samsung or Wechat CN), cash (HKD or foreign currencies) and Genting Points.

Supported card type

Genting Dream: We accept the following credit cards (CUP): Visa, Master Card, Union Pay International - UPI, Diners, JCB or American Express. Debit cards (Visa, Master Card or Union Pay International - UPI) are also accepted.

World Dream: We accept the following credit cards (CUP): Visa, Master Card, Union Pay International - UPI, JCB or American Express. Debit cards (EPS, Octopus, Visa, Master Card or Union Pay International - UPI) are also accepted.

Can I withdraw cash at Front Counter/Reception or at a ATM onboard?

Front Office/Reception offers a currency exchange service. There are no ATM’s onboard. 

Can I convert the unused onboard Credit to Cash?

Onboard Credit is strictly nonrefundable or redeemable for cash. Please refer to Privileges for detail. 

Is there any credit card pre-authorization upon check-in? If there is, how much is the authorization hold?

It is not mandatory to provide credit card / debit card or cash deposit to establish onboard account. However, pre-authorization will facilitate faster Express check-out and final settlement of your account on the last day of your cruise.

Guests may log in to Quick Pay – Self Check Out system to apply pre-authorization by scanning the Quick Pay QR codes onboard. For World Dream, guests also have the option to sign up for the pre- authorization at the moment they get their Stateroom Access Card at the embarkation hall.

For optimal onboard experience of guests, there is also minimum pre-authorization amount as follow (may adjusted at the discretion of ship management on case by case basis):

- 5 or 6 night sailings: HKD 5,000 / SGD 250
- 3 or 4 night sailings: HKD 2,000 / SGD 200
- 2 night sailings: HKD 2,000 / SGD 150
- 1 night sailings: HKD 1,000 / SGD 150

What are gratuities?

Dream Cruises charges a per person gratuity as part of our cruise offering. The gratuity will be charged onboard to our guests’ stateroom folio at the end of the cruise, when the guest settles their onboard expenses.

Palace Villa HKD150 SGD26 N/A
Palace Penthouse
Palace Deluxe Suite
Palace Suite
Balcony Deluxe Class HKD120 SGD21
Balcony Class
Oceanview Class
Inside Class

*Above are per person per night, policy is subject to change at any time.


Do we have Formal Night/Gala Dinner?

No, however on every 5N cruise we will have a Dream Night and other themed nights may be arranged from time to time.

Can I make request for certain dietary needs (Allergies, gluten free food, Jain, Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, also Indian Vegetarian, etc) Is it complimentary? If otherwise, what would be the cost?

Yes. Additional cost may apply. Guest can contact us to make request.

Can I bring wine/liquor onboard?

Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing any alcohol, alcoholic drinks, intoxicating liquor, or beverages onboard the ship.

We will safeguard any alcoholic beverages brought on board until disembarkation. Alcohol brought onboard will be collected by security at the gangway and guests may collect their bottles at the gangway during disembarkation.

What is the minimum age of a guest allowed to purchase any alcoholic beverage onboard?

Guests must be at least 18 years old to be served wine and beer. 
Dream Cruises reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to any guest that it believes is underage or who does not have the proper identification (a government-issued photo ID).

Does Dream Cruises provide complimentary birthday cake?

Yes, guests with birthday within the cruise (including disembarkation day) are entitled.

What would be the procedure for arranging cocktail party and meetings?

Please contact us to request with Dream Cruises before sailing, or contact ship’s personnel once onboard.

Is there any outlet seating arrangement? (1st/2nd/Free seating)?

It is free seating for inclusive outlets. Reservations are required for specialty outlets. 

Are there any restrictions on dining in inclusive restaurants?

Guests enjoy complimentary first serving in any inclusive restaurant; additional servings in inclusive restaurants during the same meal period are chargeable.


Can I bring electronic devices such as iron onboard?

No irons or any form of heating or cooking equipment is allowed onboard. All is subjected to Marine Safety Standards. 
All staterooms have a kettle.

Is it safe to drink water from the Stateroom’s tap?

Yes tap water in stateroom is drinkable.

Does Dream Cruises allow smoking in staterooms?

Smoking is not permitted in staterooms. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

Is there a safe in all staterooms?



Is Entertainment complimentary?

Yes, all main shows in Zodiac theatre and most of the general entertainment around the ship are complimentary. Additional charges may apply to special events or performances from time to time. For detailed shows schedule, please refer to the shows schedule in the Dream Daily or Dream Weekender.

How will I know the daily activities onboard?

There will be a daily ship newsletter delivered to your stateroom detailing all activities. This will also display on your stateroom TV.

Sports & Recreation

How deep are the swimming pools?

2 metres at the deepest point.

Are there lifeguards onboard?

No, but we have highly qualified pool attendants.

What is the pool policy (are children who are not yet toilet trained be allowed – with or without swimming diapers)?

Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult. They must be toilet trained and no diapers allowed.

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