Electricity and Communication

Is every stateroom equipped with China-standard sockets?

Each stateroom will have 2 Chinese 3-pin sockets and remaining will be HKG sockets (UK). All staterooms have USB sockets on each side of the main bed. 

Do we have Wi-Fi? What would be the cost?

Yes, we have Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Pricing:

STANDARD 1 Night SGD19 HKD128 - Connect to the Internet at basic speeds in an affordable manner.
- Allows 2 devices simultaneously for the whole voyage.
- E-mail
- Chat
- Social media
2 Nights SGD38 HKD198
3 Nights SGD57
4 Nights SGD76
5 Nights SGD95 HKD640
PREMIUM 1 Night SGD29 HKD168 - Connect to the Internet at prime speeds.
- Allows 2 devices simultaneously for the whole voyage.
- E-mail
- Chat
- Social media
- Light media streaming
2 Nights SGD58 HKD268
3 Nights SGD87
4 Nights SGD116
5 Nights SGD145 HKD840
24 Hour SGD39 HKD228 - Connect to the Internet at prime speeds.
- Allows 1 device for a continuous 24 hour period only.

1. Guests may upgrade their Internet package at any time while onboard, upon authorization of an additional folio charge based on the price difference.
2. Internet speeds may vary due to satellite interference, ship location and network congestion at time of use.
3. It is advised that VPN connections, certain websites or types of browsing or downloading may be limited (without prejudice to the price) due to security concerns, mature or violent content, high bandwidth consumption, nature of local satellite internet, or any other reason as deemed necessary by Dream Cruises.

Does Dream Cruises have cellular service?

We have Wi-Fi, costs are subjected to various Wi-Fi packages. Please refer to Wi-Fi Pricing.

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