Discover AUSTRALIA with Juergen Freund

  • Applicable to: Explorer Dream

  • Cruise trips: 27 October & 3 November 2019 (Depart from Sydney); 1 November 2019 (Depart from Brisbane)

  • Presented by: Juergen Freund

Discover the vast and remote world of wild Australia through the lens of Juergen Freund - Australian/German photographer who has been acclaimed 9 times in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards and a Senior Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers. Juergen’s images have been internationally published for more than two decades in nature magazines worldwide, and in many books and photographic exhibitions; World Wide Fund for Nature uses his images extensively for conservation. Travel with him and wife Stella through the world’s biggest island nation seeing every type of natural habitats with over 80% of the country’s wildlife existing nowhere else on earth. Let them show you the changing scenes, colours and life that live in the turquoise blues of the ocean and lush greens of rainforests to the bright reds of the outback. Experience a spectacular view of Australia through Juergen’s photography in three workshops on East Australia, Middle Australia and West Australia. Be ready for an eye opening adventure to the Land Down Under!

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