Catch the Two Time World Champion in Pizza Acrobatics!

  • Applicable to: Explorer Dream

  • Cruise trips: 12 - 21 September, 10 - 16 November 2019

  • Presented by: Chef Pasqualino Barbasso

When it comes to pizza dough tossing, there’s the classic pizza action you’re probably picturing, but nothing compares to the epic pizza dough spinning experience with Chef Pasqualino Barbasso. Catch him on Explorer Dream where he will be performing and teaching the art of pizza making. Chef Barbasso grew up making pizza in his family’s restaurant “Falco Azzuro” in Cammarata, the heart of Sicily, Therefore, it is in his DNA, starting his pizzaiolo career at 17. He branched out into pizza acrobatics and now travels the world sharing his passion. Chef Barbasso, who is the CEO of a pizza school in his homeland, is on a mission to promote the art of pizza and traditional Italian food culture.


In 2001 and 2002 he won the acrobatic pizza world championship, the most important pizza competition globally– Chef Barbasso now travels around the world for Pizza Acrobatics performances – moving and changing the shape of the soft dough like an art form.

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